Tribal Counseling & Advocacy

Hobbs Straus’ attorneys are trusted to fulfill a broader role for our clients by serving as tribal counselors. This may involve serving as traditional general counsel, or, as is more often the case, serving as special counsel — always available and ready to provide objective, sound and strategic advice on a wide variety of legal, political, and business issues. We have longstanding relationships with many of our tribal clients, some lasting for more than 25 years.

Part legal advisor, sounding board and counselor, we work side-by-side with tribal decision makers to help navigate the issues and provide a clear view of the legal landscape our clients may face in realizing their plans. Taking a proactive hands-on approach, our attorneys attend critical tribal meetings, help to resolve emergencies, assist with internal tribal affairs when requested, and provide discreet advice when necessary.

The strategic location of our Washington, D.C. office allows our clients to be kept up to date on what happens in the Nation’s Capital that might have a bearing on Indian Country and our tribal clients. Hobbs Straus provides a range of advocacy services that address our Indian clients’ interests. We have a team of skilled legislative analysts and attorneys with experience in federal-tribal government legislation who are visible and active in the community. Our clients can rely on our team to monitor congressional committees and their decisions and provide in depth analysis of actions taken by different agencies with Indian programs jurisdiction.

Practice Area Concentrations: