Federal Legislation & Rulemaking

  • Monitor and assist tribes in promoting federal legislation for tribal-specific resource legislation, including land-transfers, energy issues, and grant programs for tribal governments.
  • Provide legislative advocacy in Congress to include tribal governments in its broad energy and environmental legislative initiatives, such as legislation relating to climate change.
  • Address tribal concerns to federal agencies during the rulemaking process.
  • Monitor proposed federal rulemaking affecting tribal interests, and update tribes, tribal entities, and tribal officials about significant rulemaking developments through its E-flash updates.
  • Draft comments to federal agencies on environmental, cultural, and natural resources issues.
  • Work with federal agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency in the development of rules and guidance affecting tribal interests.
  • Assist tribes in acquiring Tribal Energy Resource Agreements (TERA) for limited purposes or broad policy objectives.
  • Work with tribes to develop programs under the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Safe Drinking Water Act and other federal environmental legislation.
  • Assist tribes and tribal organizations in resolving NEPA issues.