Tribal Business Entities

  • Provide counsel to tribes and tribal organizations to identify business goals and how best to structure business enterprises to achieve goals efficiently and effectively.
  • Assist with the formation and on-going matters related to the following types of business entities:
    • Federally chartered corporations
    • Tribally chartered corporations
    • State chartered corporations
    • State chartered or tribally chartered limited liability companies
      Joint ventures
    • Tribal authorities and tribal enterprises
  • Identify and assist with issues surrounding the protection of corporate board members and management.
  • Provide advice on how to protect the powers of sovereign immunity and issues related to waivers of sovereign immunity.
  • Advise and assist with planning and securing corporate financing.
    Analyze, review and prepare financing documents.
  • Provide counsel and preparation of documents related to holding General Counsel meetings and enacting resolutions related to corporate governance matters.