GM 18-005

President Signs Continuing Resolution through February 8; Government Shutdown Ended

This Memorandum is a follow-up to our General Memorandum 18-004 of yesterday, January 22, concerning the status of the federal government shutdown and the pending Continuing Resolution (CR) to extend funding for federal agencies. As we previously reported, the CR also extends the Children’s Health Insurance Program for six years.

Yesterday afternoon the Senate and the House each approved HR 195, a CR to provide funding for federal agencies through February 8, 2018. The President signed the bill last night, thus ending the shutdown.

A correction was made to the CR by the Senate before it was sent to the House for consideration by adding a provision that provides that military and civilian federal employees will receive back pay for periods when shutdown-related furloughs are in effect during FY 2018. It is significant that the promise of pay for shutdown-related furloughed days extends through all of FY 2018 (through September 30, 2018) as the issue of another government shutdown could occur when the current CR expires after February 8.

Please let us know if we may provide additional information regarding the Continuing Resolution or other appropriations matters.