GM 15-052

Forest Service Seeks Nominations for Tribal Representative to Forest Resource Committee

The U.S. Forest Service announced via the attached FEDERAL REGISTER notice that it is renewing the charter of the Forest Resource Coordinating Committee and seeking nominations for a member representing Indian tribes to serve on the Committee. Nominations must be received by August 14, 2015.

The Committee consists of up to 20 members who represent different categories of stakeholders. Committee members are appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture from nominations submitted by any individual or organization and serve for staggered terms of up to three years. The Committee is responsible for:
1) Providing direction and coordination of actions within the USDA, State Agencies, and the private sector to effectively address the national priorities with a specific focus on non-industrial private forest land;
2) Clarifying the responsibilities of each agency represented on the Committee regarding the national priorities;
3) Providing advice on the allocation of funds, including funding for the Competitive Allocation of Funds Innovation Projects; and
4) Assisting the Secretary in developing and reviewing the report to Congress.

The national priorities include:
1) Conserving and managing working forest landscapes for multiple values and use;
2) Protecting forests from threats and restoring forests in response to threats; and
3) Enhancing public benefits from private forests.

Please let us know if we may provide additional information regarding the Forest Service’s request for nominations to the Forest Resource Coordinating Committee.