GM 14-083

Applications Requested for Native American CDFI Assistance and Healthy Food Financing Initiative Programs

On September 29, 2914, the Treasury Department published the attached notice of funding availability for Fiscal Year 2015 in the FEDERAL REGISTER for approximately $12 million in Financial Assistance (FA) and $3 million in Technical Assistance (TA) awards through the Native American Community Development Financial Institution Assistance (NACA) program and approximately $35 million in FA awards through the Healthy Foods Financing Initiative (HFFI) program. (The exact amount available is subject to the appropriations process and has not yet been determined by Congress.) Applications for FA and TA must be received by November 24, 2014. CDFI Certification applications must be received by October 24, 2014.

Community Development. Through the NACA program, the Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Fund provides funding to build the community development capacity of Certified, Certifiable, and Emerging CDFIs serving Native Communities as well as Sponsoring Entities , and to increase access to capital in Native Communities. FA awards can be provided in the form of loans, grants, equity investments, deposits, and credit union shares. FA awards are available only to Certified CDFIs serving Native Communities. TA awards, however, may be awarded to Certified, Certifiable, and Emerging CDFIs that serve or will serve Native Communities to increase their capacity to serve Native Communities, and may be provided to Sponsoring Entities for the purpose of creating an Emerging CDFI.

Healthy Foods. The HFFI is open to all Certified CDFIs, (including, but not specific to Certified CDFIs serving Native Communities) and is the result of a coordinated effort among the Departments of Agriculture, Health and Human Services and Treasury to support projects that increase access to healthy, affordable food in low-income neighborhoods that lack access to healthy food options. FA awarded under the HFFI may be used to develop and equip grocery stores, small retailers, corner stores and farmers markets to help revitalize neighborhoods which currently lack these options. FA awarded under the HFFI will be provided to supplement FA provided to NACA awardees.

The CDFI Fund’s press release on the funding opportunities contains links to pre-recorded webinars, schedules for live “Q&A” webinars, and contact information for the CDFI Fund’s Help Desk:

Please let us know if we may provide additional information regarding the Native American CDFI Assistance and Healthy Food Financing Initiative Programs.