GM 14-029

Employment and Training Administration Solicits Applications for Workforce Investment Act Section 166 Native American Employment and Training Program Grants

On March 31, 2014, the Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA) published the attached notice in the FEDERAL REGISTER soliciting applications for $58 million in grant funds authorized by the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Section 166 –Native American Programs. Of that total, $46 million funds the Comprehensive Service Program (CSP) serving adult participants and $12 million funds the Supplemental Youth Service Program (SYSP) serving summer youth participants. Applications are to be received no later than April 23, 2014.

Purpose. The WIA Section 166 program is to support employment and training activities for Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian individuals in order to:

1) develop more fully the academic, occupational, and literacy skills of such individuals
2) make such individuals more competitive in the workforce
3) promote the economic and social development of Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian communities in accordance with the goals and values of such communities

Funding. Funding is for a period of two years. Eligible applicants include: Federally-recognized Indian Tribes; Tribal organizations as defined in 25 U.S.C. § 450b; Alaskan Native-controlled organizations representing regional or village areas, as defined in the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act; Native Hawaiian-controlled entities; Native American-controlled organizations serving Indians; and/or State-recognized tribal organizations serving individuals eligible to participate under section 401 of the Job Training Partnership Act. Applicants may apply individually or in a consortium. The ETA anticipates funding Comprehensive Service Program grants in amounts ranging from $13,000-$5 million and anticipates funding Supplemental Youth Service Program grants in amounts ranging from $1,000-$2.6 million.

Further information about applying for each program is found in the attachment and here:

Please let us know if we may provide additional information regarding the Employment and Training Administration’s solicitation of applications for the Comprehensive Service Program and Supplemental Youth Service Program.