HHS Annual Tribal Consultation on Head Start

On March 29, 2012, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) —Administration for Children and Families issued the attached notice announcing a one-day tribal consultation session to be held with tribes operating a Head Start/Early Head Start program(s). The purpose of the consultations is to discuss delivery of Head Start services to American Indian/Alaska Native children and families, “taking into consideration funding allocations, distribution formulas, and other issues” that may affect services in the various geographic areas. HHS will also report to tribes on its actions regarding issues raised during the 2011 tribal consultations.

This session of the Head Start tribal consultation is being held in conjunction with the HHS Annual Tribal Consultation with tribes in Regions I, II, IV, VI, and VII. The meeting will be held:
May 4 Oklahoma City at the Sheraton Oklahoma City Hotel
Additional consultation sessions will be scheduled later this year to reach all nine regions where tribal Head Start programs operate.

The meeting specifics such as hotels, schedule, etc. has been e-mailed to tribal leaders and posted at

Please note that HHS views the consultations to be with “elected or appointed” tribal government leaders or their designated representative. Persons serving as a representative of a tribe must submit, at least three days in advance of the session, an authorizing letter from the tribal government. Representatives of tribal organizations and native non-profits “are welcome” but would be observers, not participants.

Tribal leaders/designated representatives may submit written testimony or consultation agenda topics to Camille Loya at Written statements from those not attending a session may be submitted within 30 days after a consultation session.

If we may be of further assistance regarding these meetings, please contact us at the information below.