GM 12-035

YouthBuild Grants

The Department of Labor is soliciting applications for grants under its YouthBuild program which is authorized under the Workforce Investment Act. We attach the March 8, 2012, FEDERAL REGISTER notice concerning this solicitation. YouthBuild grants are awarded to organizations, including tribes and other agencies primarily serving Indians, to provide education and training/employment services to disadvantaged youth ages 16-24. The target population is high school dropouts who may also be adjudicated youth; youth aging out of foster care; youth with an incarcerated parent; youth with disabilities; and other at-risk youth populations. Up to 25 percent of participants do not have to fall into the “at risk” category but would need to be considered lacking in basic skills and/or have been referred by a local secondary school.

The occupational training under YouthBuild is construction/rehabilitation of housing for low-income and homeless persons, but grants may be used for a wide array of support services including remedial education; language instruction; tutoring; study skills training; counseling and assistance regarding post-secondary education; occupational skills training; drug abuse counseling; and community service and leadership activities. Previous grantees may provide training in industries other than construction provided it is for an in-demand industry and allows for attainment of industry-recognized credentials. New grantees may provide training in construction only.

The Department of Labor has $75 million in FY 2012 funds available for the YouthBuild program and expects to make 75 grants ranging from $700,000 to $1.1 million. Grants are for three years and four months. The first four months are for planning, followed by two years for core program operations and the third year for follow-up support services and tracking participant outcomes. There is a 25 percent cash or in-kind match requirement. The deadline for the receipt of applications is
May 8, 2012.

Please let us know if we may provide additional information regarding the YouthBuild program.