GM 12-006

Tribal Comments Sought on Implementation of President's Memorandum on Administrative Flexibility

The White House Domestic Policy Council (DPC) and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) are seeking tribal comments on the implementation of President Obama’s February 28, 2011, Memorandum to federal agencies entitled Administrative Flexibility, Lower Costs, and Better Results for State, Local and Tribal Governments. As a result of tribal comments received by federal agencies regarding the Memorandum, the DPC and OMB have convened five interagency working groups to address issues which were identified as priorities to tribes. The framing paper on the priorities that the working groups are tasked with addressing is attached. Comments on the interagency working groups or the President’s Memorandum are due by January 20, 2012.

The five interagency working groups are:
• Housing
• Loans and Credit
• Training and Employment
• Broadband Service
• Workforce Development

The Departments of Interior, Housing and Urban Development, Veterans Affairs, Treasury, Commerce, Education, Labor, Energy, Agriculture and Health and Human Services, as well as the Small Business Administration and the Federal Communications Commission are participating as members of the working groups. The working groups are seeking comments on how best to accomplish cost effective results by: consolidating, streamlining, or eliminating data and administrative requirements; improving and better coordinating training and technical assistance; and improving the application, documentation and approval processes for federal programs.

Please let us know if we may provide additional information regarding the efforts of the interagency working groups or the implementation of the President’s February 28, 2011, Memorandum on Administrative Flexibility.