GM 11-134

Bureau of Indian Affairs Self-Governance Applications for 2013

The Bureau of Indian Affairs–Office of Self-Governance (OSG) published the attached November 15, 2011, FEDERAL REGISTER notice, which sets March 1, 2012, as the deadline for tribes and tribal consortia to submit completed applications to begin participation in the tribal self-governance program for fiscal year or calendar year 2013.

Under the Tribal Self-Governance Act of 1994 (PL 103-413), as amended, the Director of the Office of Self-Governance may select up to 50 additional tribes/consortia per year to enter into self-governance agreements. If an applicant is located in a region and/or agency that has not been involved with self-governance agreements, the negotiations for such an agreement are expected to take two months.

Application content and selection process requirements are codified at 25 C.F.R. Subparts 1000.10 to 1000.31. Applications are not required for tribes already negotiating for or having signed self-governance agreements.

Please let us know if we may provide additional information or assistance regarding the self-governance program.