Indian Community Development Block Grant Funds Available

The Department of Housing and Urban Development announced in the attached April 26, 2011, FEDERAL REGISTER notice that it is now accepting applications for the FY 2011 Indian Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG) program. The program is designed to provide funds for Indian and Alaska Native communities that seek to develop their housing, living environments, and economic opportunities for the benefit of low- and moderate-income people.

The ICDBG funds may be used “to improve housing stock, provide community facilities, improve infrastructure, and expand job opportunities by supporting the economic development of the communities, especially by nonprofit tribal organizations or local development corporations.”

There is an estimated $60.9 million in formula funds available for the ICDBG program, and nearly $4 million for Imminent Threat grants. Funds are distributed via formula to regions and are awarded competitively within a region. There is a $450,000 limit on the Imminent Threat grants ($900,000 for Presidentially-declared disasters). For more information, please see the funding announcement at:;jsessionid=xJbGN4QWp48WzDbJpKvTKLL3JsDXQMlwP5sGG7v9pkqYxTGSpMLz!-1702297235?oppId=88773&mode=VIEW

All Indian tribes, tribal organizations, Alaska Native villages, and ANCSA Corporations are eligible to apply. For applications from Alaska, HUD follows a funding priority as follows: IRA Council, the Traditional Village Council, the ANCSA Village Corporation, and the ANCSA Regional Corporation. Grant applications are due to the Office of Native American Programs (ONAP), submitted electronically through, by June 15, 2011. For program-specific information, potential applicants are referred to their Area Office of ONAP; contact information is available at:

If we may be of assistance regarding the Indian Community Development Block Grant, please contact us at the information below.