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Our attorneys worked on behalf of the Native Village of Barrow to establish the right of the Village to exercise exclusive jurisdiction under the Indian Child Welfare Act in Alaska.

Tribal Affairs

Attorney Biography - Patrick M. Sullivan

Of Counsel
Tel: 503.242.1745
Fax: 503.242.1072

Attorney Biography - Chris Z. Cantrell

Of Counsel
Tel: 405.602.9425
Fax: 405.602.9426

Tort Claims Defense & Insurance Coverage

  • Provide counsel to tribes in understanding unique tribal insurance concerns.
  • Assist tribes on how to obtain insurance coverage that is appropriate to their liability at a reasonable and fair premium rate.
  • Advise tribes on policy coverage issues to protect tribal government operations and to preserve sovereign authority and self-governance.
  • Negotiate insurance policies that address the unique risks and legal circumstances of tribal governments.

Constitutional Law

  • Provide counsel to tribes on matters related to the defense of Indian rights.
  • Prepare amicus briefs in support of Indian tribes in cases before the Supreme Court.
  • Participate in the Supreme Court Project, a group of attorneys who advise the Supreme Court on Indian cases.
  • Monitor cases in the lower courts that may influence constitutional law in the future.
  • Litigate cases on constitutional law matters.

Election & Campaign Law

  • Advise tribes on election law procedures and rules.
  • Draft tribal election law codes.
  • Provide advice to tribal councils on the interpretation of election rules and options to resolve conflicts.

Tribal Infrastructure

  • Provide counsel and advise in many aspects of infrastructure projects including roads, bridges, buildings, zoning law, permits and employment law related to construction contracts.
  • Assist in financing issues related to construction projects.

Land Use, Claims & Protection

  • Assist tribes on matters related to general use of tribal lands.
  • Draft codes and regulations for zoning, soil and water classification.
  • Assist tribes in documenting claims to tribal lands including coordination with historians and environmental science firms.

Trust Land Acquisitions

  • Provide counsel to tribes on how to expand the tribal trust land base, a critical tool tribal governments can use to assert sovereign civil and criminal governmental authority on lands within their respective territories.
  • Assist tribes in acquiring trust lands through the land-into-trust process and the fee-to-trust process.
  • Advise and assist tribes in obtaining and establishing trust status of tribal lands through:
    • Implementation of the Indian Sel

Federal Trust Responsibility

  • Provide counsel and representation to tribes on matters related to the federal government’s management of tribal lands and resources.
  • Advise tribes on compensation issues related to leasing resources including coal, oil, gas, geothermal heat and farm leasing, among other tribal resources.
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